Vendor Payment Acceleration Program

Would your company be better protected knowing your vendors have consistent positive cash flow to maintain their internal obligations, carry proper levels of inventory and have adequate staff available to serve you?
Payment Acceleration Program

Liquidity for Your Vendors/Suppliers

Our structure is always in sync with your strategy.

With improved cash flow and working capital, your suppliers/vendors can expand their business, increase their productivity and responsiveness. In turn, streamlining your purchasing procedure and reduce your administrative costs.

Vendor Funding Support Services

The Value Proposition

We tailor a virtually invisible structure that enhances your current supplier / vendor relationships, greatly reducing your operational costs while increasing the efficiency of your operations.

  • Security: We verify and document all completed work or delivery of supplies to you by your vendor, and the additional layer of verification reduces payments for duplicate invoices, theft and fraud.
  • Benefits:: Your company bears no cost for participation in the program, accounting and service operations are able to run more efficiently.

Please feel free to view and download our brochures and presentations.

The payment acceleration program is designed to strengthen growing vendor companies and enables their operations to run more efficiently.

Click here to access our request for information form and presentations( PDFs)

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