Special Assets Solutions

As a direct lender, we can also help with special asset scenarios, meaning loans principally made by banks to clients that are or may be in trouble.

We can help !

We believe that market challenges and times of crisis can also create an opportunity to steer a business into a new, healthier direction.

For Commercial Banking Clients:

A loan (or line of credit) is considered an asset on the bank’s balance sheet. Thereby, “special asset” departments are set up to monitor and/or liquidate loans made to what may be considered to be troubled companies. 

Hence, a loan that is issued to what the bank perceives as a client in trouble is called a “special asset”. In short, assignment to the “special asset department” means that some aspect of your relationship with your bank has pushed them to reclassify your business and your loan as a potential funding risk. For some businesses, the current economic climate may simply be accelerating the banks perceptions.

We work with bankers in the special asset department.

Capital Banking Solutions (CBS) provides financial institutions with multiple strategies to deliver working capital to businesses regardless of market dynamics. 

We work with Financial Institutions.

 If a financial institution can not accommodate a work out for its client’s commercial loan, to satisfy its lending portfolio, we can help. When  the bank needs to impose specific goals that a business client can not meet and/or the bank forbears its client’s commercial loan, we can help.

We convey turnkey funding solutions through strategic alliances with financial institutions and capital providers throughout the country.

In brief, when your business client(s) are reclassified to the special asset department or not able to meet the terms of a forbearance agreement within a defined period of time, we can help with remedies that benefit both the financial institution and the client(s).

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