Affiliate Funding Solutions

Be Remarkable Group is a multi-stakeholder community of new generation investors.

Be Remarkable Investment & Funding Group, LLC. an affiliated capital solutions provider with the Be Remarkable Group, Inc.

Be Remarkable Principal Partner Sities invculude:

Be Remarkable REIG, LLC., funds real estate investors and partners with best-in-class real builders, contractors and developers throughout the United States. Discover:

Be Remarkable Funding Network is a network of 30 plus lenders, focus on funding investors engaged in the purchase or refinancing non-owner occupied properties. Discover:

Be Remarkable Group of Companies works within outstanding organizations to help solve the world’s most challenging issues in alignment with the Be Sensitive Network.  


Be Remarkable Legacy Group, LLC. collaborators, developing supportive agendas for socially positive innovative projects. We believe in the potential of young entrepreneurs and impact investors.


Global Development Funding 


GI Exchange is a platform for innovations, funding, a source of credible innovation data for the international development community. 


Indiegogo Reward Funding


 Indiegogo is  a leader in the  industry, one of the most effective reward and equity crowdfunding platforms for entrepreneurs and innovators.


Kiva Lending Funding


Kivadoesn’t offer rewards crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding. They offer debt crowdfunding, otherwise known as crowdfunded loans.


CrowdRise Peer Funding


CrowdRise optimizes social sharing throughout peer-to-peer campaign creation and management to increase awareness and drive donations.

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