Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions & Funding

Our acquisition interest is principally performing off-market commercial real estate assets.

Our ideal acquisition / equity partnerships are large scale development projects.

We also provide commercial real estate investors with multiple capital strategies that are below the criteria set by traditional bank loans

Our investments focus is on capital preservation, generation of current cash flow, and the implementation of value-creation strategies.

The source of funds is an institutional investment fund that maintains strong relationships with commercial real estate owners, developers, and brokers to build its acquisition pipeline. In brief, they will not participate in fund to fund transactions unless they are the lead or have a long term working relationship with the fund.

Be Remarkable REIG members are specialists in utilizing a property’s earning potential so it can be used as collateral. 

In simple terms, by examining the asset-based potential of your real estate, we can formulate an offer based on the forecasted income of the real estate asset.

All situations are unique, so it is best to contact us for an evaluation. In fact, there may be multiple solutions that can resolve your particular need.

ACQUISITION SNAPSHOT (Select Tier 1 markets)

Typically, our interest is to purchases assets at a minimum 2.0 multiple over a 5 year period. 

  • Commercial Multifamily Acquisition Type:
    • All cash
    • Closes in 30-60 days depending upon acquisition
    • Joint ventures possible
    • Hold period: Typically, 2 to 6 years
  • Off-Market Real Estate Properties- Class B or better
  •  10–15% discount to replacement cost.
    • Minimum strategic improvements
  • Commercial Multi-tenant properties & Hotels, preferred with the largest tenant occupying not more than fifty (50%) percent
  • Acquisition Market Focus:
    • AZ, FL, GA, NC, SC, and TX
    • Additional Tiers 2 Markets
    considered when well-located
    close to amenities.


Our lending is asset-eccentric, therefore it is focused on the real estate’s future earnings.

This allows us to relax traditional due-diligence parameters and stringent lending guidelines. In most cases, you receive the funding that you need quicker.

I. Small Balance Real Estate Lending: from $250k to $7MM, with  rates starting at 4.75%, secured through underwriting based primarily on the property’s value and net operating income.

II. Bridge & Mezzanine Financing: from $2MM to $50MM, with rates starting at LIBOR plus 5%, secured through underwriting solely based on the property’s value.

III. Conventional Commercial: from $5M to $50M, rates starting at LIBOR plus 3%, secured based on the property’s value, net operating income, geographical location, and sponsor strength.

Please feel free to view and download our brochures and presentations.

We are delighted that you have considered our company to service your financial needs, and we look forward to the opportunity to help your company grow and prosper for many years to come.

Click here to access our request for funding forms and presentations( PDFs)

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