We provide working capital for innovative businesses, across a broad spectrum of industries, engaged in sustainable solutions for our planet and it’s inhabitants.

What makes us different is what makes us better.

We convey impact funding solutions through strategic alliances, our approach is always customized and confidential.

We’re multi-stakeholders, a new generation of capital providers and funders.

Whether you are a start-up, a growing business or an established entity looking for a new funding source, we evaluate your business as a whole; the transactions being financed and the credit quality of your B2B customer.

We help companies over-come problems related to access to working capital.

We directly fund companies that are making a difference, we’re committed to ensuring  enterprises pathing the way forward for new innovations receive the capital needed to improve their impact and value. 

Whether your in growth mode, cost optimization mode or a combination of both, we support your unique priorities and initiatives.

There may be times when you will not be able to raise funds through capital markets or unsecured bank loans. In fact, if it wasn’t for this understanding, we may not have put as much emphasis on working capital as we do.

Our business funding options are simple and affordable alternatives when seed capital or a  traditional bank loan is simply not an option or sufficient.

Do you need to transform benchmarks into market opportunities?
  • Do you need customized funding solutions that address your Company’s capital needs?
We provide solutions that transform your Company’s mission-critical priorities into measurable business results .Click Here to access our request for funding forms.
Our real estate investment and funding methodologies allows us to participate across various capital structures.

Our focus is on value creation through property acquisitions, achieving risk-adjusted returns through the funding of commercial real estate projects that produce long term benefits for all participants. 

We acquire commercial properties in select tier 1 cities and finance real estate projects throughout the United States.

  1. We maintain strong relationships with owners, developers, and brokers to build our acquisition pipeline. 
    2. We work with industry management group leaders to ensure above average property occupancy and new lease growth, respectively.
    3.  We seek exited full-cycle investments for a gross value and realized above average gross IRR multiples of asset recapitalizations.
We help solve problems related to vendor /supplier payment acceleration.

High growth among innovators create liquidity challenges for suppliers/ vendors because their payments usually lag well behind their payments to suppliers and others.

  • Problem: Liquidity challenges for vendors result in lower procurement purchases, higher procurement cost, supply disruption and more calls regarding payment.
  • Solution: The payment acceleration program enables major corporations to easily accelerate vendor payments without impacting their normal terms or processes.
We also work with financial institutions and their clients that have loans that are in trouble.

When a financial institution can not accommodate a work out for its commercial client’s loan to satisfy its lending portfolio, we can help.

In brief, when businesses are reclassified to a financial institutions “special asset department” or if the borrower is not able to meet the terms of a loan forbearance agreement, within a defined period of time, we can help with remedies that benefit both the financial institution and the client.

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