Supplier Guarantee

Every business seeking full scope financing for sustained business growth should investigate this valuable Program.

What is a Supplier Guarantee?

A Supplier Guarantee is a tri-party agreement between Be Remarkable Capital Funding (BRCF), you and your supplier; wherein we contractually obligates ourselves to pay the supplier from the proceeds of the factored invoices.  Once we confirm your buyer has received products or services and your company confirms amount owed; BRCF will pay your supplier directly for any goods or services used to produce the order.

As companies focus on business strategies to grow, there are two main road blocks that emerge:

  1. Consistent cash flow
  2. Available credit from supplier(s)

Supplier Guarantee Program from BRCFS accelerates business growth; this financing option offers businesses nationwide a more flexible and less expensive alternative to purchase order financing; companies are able to seize new business opportunities that were not previously achievable, due to a lack of available credit from suppliers, traditional invoice factoring or other business financing sources.

The Benefits of a Supplier Guarantee:

  • Financing to accelerate business growth.
  • Supplier Guarantee is an inexpensive alternative to Purchase Order Financing; it is the best way to obtain credit terms from suppliers.
  • Additional early payment or bulk purchase discounts can be negotiated by your company.
  • Supplier is paid much sooner than ever before.
  • Greater access to suppliers worldwide.
  • The Supplier Guarantee Program can not only be used to support domestic supplier relationships relative to orders, but international transactions as well.

As BRCF always provides the most professional and consistent services in the industry, you can count on accurate tracking, reporting, collection and payment procedures to allow you to focus your efforts on generating new revenue and growing your company as you always envisioned.

As with a supplier, your investor may have reservations about supplying additional capital to your company without some type of loan or note.

Be Remarkable has even proposed this procedure for private investors involved in financing the efforts of your company.

The Be Remarkable Investment & Funding Group provides multiple strategies for delivering working capital to SMB’s and middle-market businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

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